NCJA’s Profiles in Perfidy Award Goes To: The Southern Poverty Law Center

One of the most powerful and hypocritical hate groups right now in America is, in our opinion, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

With assets exceeding $300 MILLION, while in the past they have had a few worthwhile accomplishments, these days they appear to be focused primarily on bashing conservatives and organizations such as Center for Security Policy, The David Horowitz Freedom Center, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, and Clarion Project as hate groups.

Now they’ve fired their founder, Morris Dees…but we’re not holding our breath for the SPLC to change its hate-filled, hard leftist behavior.  

UPDATE #1 SPLC’s Legal Director, Rhonda Brownstein, has also resigned!.

UPDATE #2 SPLC President Richard Cohen has resigned! The news is getting better and better! 

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