Our Mission

Conference of Jewish Affairs (CJA) provides dynamic and confident pro-America and pro-Israel Jewish leadership.  We speak out against anti-Semitism and bigotry.

Conference of Jewish Affairs is a proponent of the Judeo-Christian ethos that founded this country and has produced the prosperity and blessing America and Americans have experienced over the last centuries.  Though rooted in the Bible, it does not require the performance of particular religious rituals, rather the implementation of praiseworthy values and an outlook, which are: individual responsibility; looking at people as individuals and not through group identity; free markets; equal justice under the law; limited government and limited regulation over business and personal life; a moral foundation discerning the difference between right and wrong; fair play; good sportsmanship; local control; removing imposed obstacles that stand in the way of opportunity; and charitable and voluntary good works.

Conference of Jewish Affairs is privileged to build coalitions and work with like-minded Americans based on shared values, love of liberty, and love of country.