Rabbi Spero: Rashida, learn your history!

Rashida Tlaib is being soooo disingenuous. She is feigning concern, but is doing major propagandizing.
Everyone knows that the Arab/Muslim population immediately before the Holocaust and during the Holocaust demanded that no Jews be allowed into the Land of Israel.
The British, who were still in charge, capitulated to Arab threats and terror and forbade Jews from coming into the land. Thus, hundreds of thousands of Jews who could have been saved by coming to Israel were forced to die in the concentration camps of Europe or drown at sea.
Arab Muslims did not help Jews during the Holocaust; on the contrary, they deliberately caused more Jews to die. The Grand Mufti, their leader, was a devoted partner with Hitler in planning the deaths of millions of Jews.
Rashida, read accurate history. It’s about time you knew the real history of how your people rejoiced during the Holocaust. What you are spouting is deliberate revisionist history.  I’m not surprised!
The people you call “Palestinians” were not usurped by the Jewish refugees from Europe. The land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River has belonged to the Jewish People since biblical times.
There were hardly any Arab Muslims living in that area until the Jews came back and revitalized the land. Indeed, when Mark Twain took his trip to the Holy Land, he remarked that it was a “barren” land, devoid of fruited valleys or thriving cities. It was only after the revival of the land by the Jewish pioneers that Arabs from surrounding areas, such as Syria, Jordan, and Egypt began settling in the area of Israel so as to benefit from the electricity, medical centers, roads, farms, and jobs created by the Jewish population.
Rashida, the Jews returned to THEIR land, and your people — who are not indigenous to the land — tried to keep them out. Just as today they want to destroy Israelis and Jews.
You speak of the harm done to the dignity of your people. But the truth is, the greatest harm to your people’s dignity has come not from the Jews but from the leaders of the Arab and Muslim world who force them, against the will of the Israelis, to remain forever in refugee camps as a way to stoke the fires of hatred and keep them as a symbol for intifada.
Rashida, you speak of yourself and identify more as a “Palestinian” than as a Detroiter.  In fact, you have stated that ever since you became a congresswoman, “I’m more Palestinian in the halls of Congress than I am anywhere in the country, in the world.”
You speak about it constantly. Better you should run as a representative of the PLO and Hamas than as a congresswoman from the American city of Detroit.