NCJA ACTION INITIATIVE: Rabbi Spero Calls for Part 2 of the Emergency Mobilization to Prevent the People’s House from Becoming a House of Hate: Citizen Action Nationwide

March 20, 2019 – Following NCJA’s ground-breaking sit-in at Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional Office, NCJA spokesman Rabbi Spero is calling on citizens across the country to call, email, write or visit their members of Congress in the next few weeks. 

Keep those calls going, Friends!


  • We are protesting the silence of leadership and failure of the House Democratic Caucus to appropriately censure Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) for her odious anti-Semitic remarks.
  • We are protesting the House’s failure to pass a meaningful resolution forcefully and unequivocally condemning anti-Semitism.
  • Omar should be removed from the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee.
  • How long before anti-Christian rhetoric becomes tolerated if spoken by Omar and her like-minded colleagues?


See video from NCJA’s sit-in at Speaker Pelosi’s office:


How find and contact your member of Congress:

Contact your Representative

U.S. House of Representatives:
* Telephone:  202-225-3121
* Website:


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