Press release in defense of Dr. Sebastian Gorka

March 2017 — In response to recent false and malicious accusations of anti-Semitism against Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Rabbi Aryeh Spero stated today:

“Sebastian Gorka has over the years been a strong and vocal defender of Israel and never, until now, has there ever been a charge of anti-Semitism. The Forward, a partisan left wing paper, is trying to character assassinate Dr. Gorka, as it has been doing with others, because Gorka is now an official member of the Trump administration.

“Dr. Gorka is a truthful and knowledgeable professional warning us of the dangers of radical Islam as well as the consequences of an unvetted and open immigration policy that can, as is happening in Europe, flood our country with potential jihadists. The Forward seems to favor a policy of open borders and unlimited Islamic immigration. Instead of disagreeing on policy, the Forward enjoys character assassination, using bogus inventions of anti-Semitism and sloppy journalism.

“Hypocritically, the Forward never seemed concerned about anti-Semitism among some in the Obama administration, Black Lives Matters, Occupy Wall Street, Keith Ellison, or anyone on the Left…where anti-Semitism is truly mushrooming. Indeed, the Forward supported the dangerous Iran Deal, which experts warn enables Iran to achieve their oft-stated goal of destroying Israel and its Jewish inhabitants.

“The anti-Semitism the Forward should be concerned about is the anti-Semitism it is beginning to create among people who have been steadfast friends of Israel and the Jewish people, as well as Trump supporters, who are tired of almost everyday being labeled anti-Semitic and portrayed as evil by the editorial board of the Forward.”