Press Release: Response to Scurrilous Accusations of anti-Semitism

In response to recent false and malicious accusations of anti-Semitism against members of the Trump Administration, Rabbi Aryeh Spero stated today:

“There is something unprecedentedly malevolent in those manufacturing accusations of anti-Semitism against officials in the Trump administration and against the tens of millions of Trump supporters among the American citizenry. Most often, these accusations are unequivocally false and, too often, made against individuals who have a long history of genuine friendship to the Jewish people and State of Israel.

“The alienation it is causing among past supporters of the Jewish people is very palpable. But die-hard liberals seem not to care, showing that their primary loyalty is to the advancement of liberal politics and power over truth and the interests of the Jewish people.

“Too many liberal Jewish organizations and power brokers are engaging in the sacrilegious activity of exploiting the term anti-Semitism, making the charge of anti-Semitism a tool for the advancement of the liberal power structure. Hypocritically, they have been absolutely quiet regarding the viral anti-Semitism coming from many Muslim groups, Black Lives Matters, Occupy Wall Street, harassment by Muslims of young Jews on campus, and were cheerleaders for Obama’s Iran Deal, though Iran boasted how the Deal would enable them to destroy Israel and Jews living in Israel.

“Their indifference to the anti-Semitism coming from the Left affirms that their religion and worship is political liberalism.”