Editorial: Our Jewish Brethren Crying Wolf…

NCJA expresses concern that many Jewish spokesmen, organizations and leaders are increasing their efforts to derail the Trump Presidency by linking it to anti-Semitism, thereby ignoring the truly serious and dangerous issues facing the Jewish People.

Modern day anti-Semitism is real, but no one has proved that Donald Trump and his policies are the cause of it.  There have been hundreds of ugly accusations hurled, but little attention paid to the true causes of anti-Jewish hate and violence in our world, much of which comes from the politicized hard Left and radical Islamists.

As unceasing efforts by richly funded Jewish organizations, individuals, and “leaders” reach fever-pitch, we urge all Jews to put their partisan politics aside and get to the task of vigorously addressing the true sources of anti-Jewish violence.

Jewish “leaders” crying wolf to benefit a partisan political agenda leave room for the real anti-Semites to be further empowered and entrenched in our midst.  And they derail that many important initiatives that need to be addressed for America and for a more peaceful world.