Huckabee in Jerusalem: Obama Administration’s Actions on U.N. Vote a “Cowardly Betrayal” of Israel


A longtime friend of Israel, Governor Mike Huckabee, stated: “The way this administration is behaving in its last days of power is like a person who has to leave an apartment because the lease is up, and before they leave they are going to break every window, pull the plumbing out of the walls, and punch holes in the ceiling.

“Last year the UN took one resolution on Russia, one on Syria, one on North Korea, and one regarding Iran,” Huckabee said. “They had 20 regarding Israel. Anyone – and I don’t care how much they hate Israel – anyone with even a tinge of objectivity cannot possibly believe that Israel deserved 20 spankings, and Russia, Iran, North Korea and Syria deserved only one each. I mean, no one in his or her right mind can say that the UN has become anything but a farce, rather than a force.”

[Source: Jerusalem Post]