Anti-Semitic Gang Attacks Jewish Kids In Paris Library

by Sol Rieger.
The rise of anti-Semitism in France continues to grow day-by-day. In recent weeks, armed men approached a synagogue in Paris and threatened the guards with AK-47 assault rifles before escaping, and a Jewish teen was attacked with a taser in central Paris.

On Monday a gang of 20 attackers spotted Jewish students wearing yarmulkes at a local library in the capital city of Paris, and started assaulting them.

The assailants, described by reports as being of North African descent, approached the Jewish students from two directions in the library, pouncing on them and beating them until they were bloody.

The Jewish students ran from the scene, and in the process two students were stabbed, leaving them with light wounds.

Security personnel at the library got involved and called up the police, who were able to arrest several of the attackers and bring them in for investigation.

Monday’s attack comes on the heels of an anti-Semitic attack against a rally supporting the three Israeli youths kidnapped in Hebron two weeks ago. That attack at the rally in Paris on June 19 involved anti-Semitic attackers hurling flares at the rally (see video below).

All this is having an effect on Jews in France, as reported last week that 5,000 French Jews are leaving to Israel this year, in part sue to the rise of anti-Semitism there.