Howard Weber’s Letter Printed in the New York Times

To the Editor:
Israel is once again being portrayed as the “spoiler” in the recent talks between the United States and Iran. How dare a country whose very existence is being threatened speak out against an agreement that does nothing to prevent Iran from completing its nuclear arsenal?
The Iranians have bought six more months for the price of empty promises. President Obama has bought a “peace in our time” moment à la Neville Chamberlain. Just as Mr. Obama has dithered in Egypt and Syria, he has now allowed the Iranians to outmaneuver him by giving him an agreement that signifies nothing.
This administration consistently presses its allies and not its enemies to achieve what it believes is a victory. Unfortunately for Israel, these alleged “breakthroughs” serve only to signal that the very existence of Israel is dependent solely on Israel itself, since its major ally is more concerned with face-saving measures than with meaningful negotiations.
No one wants peace more than Israel — no one.

President, Coalition for Israel