NCJA Action Alert: Tell Hawking and Other Academic BDS Supporters How You Feel

“Now that we know conclusively that Professor Hawking backed out of an Israeli event out of support for the academic boycott of Israel, those of us who are pushing back against the BDS movement might want to give Hawking and his colleagues at Cambridge University a piece of our minds. I culled the email addresses from Cambridge’s website. They include Hawking as well as others in his department. Write your own message then cut and paste the entire address list below.”

[NCJA thanks D.F. for the above information.],,,,,

NCJA also urges you to read this, by Roger L. Simon at PJ Media:

Hawking, 71, has suffered from motor neurone disease for the past 50 years, and relies on a computer-based system to communicate.

“According to Shurat HaDin, an Israel law centre which represents victims of terrorism, the equipment has been provided by the hi-tech firm, Intel, since 1997.

‘Hawking’s decision to join the boycott of Israel is quite hypocritical for an individual who prides himself on his whole intellectual accomplishment. His whole computer-based communications system runs on a chip designed by Israel’s Intel team. I suggest if he truly wants to pull out of Israel he should also pull out his Intel Core i7 from his tablet,’  said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner of Shurat HaDin.”