NCJA Demands Clinton Explain US role in International Conference to “Combat Judaization of Jerusalem”

NCJA Demands Clinton Explain US funding of representative Ken Insley
at Arab anti-Israel conference to “combat Judaization of Jerusalem”

DATED: March 1, 2012
CONTACT: Lori Lowenthal Marcus,
Beth Gilinsky,

The National Council on Jewish Affairs calls on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to explain whether United States tax dollars were spent on State Department consultant Kenneth Insley’s blistering attack on America’s ally Israel and his vicious jabs at members of congress, at an Israel-bashing conference held on February 26-27, in Doha, Qatar.

The “International Conference for the Defense of Occupied Jerusalem,” or, as it was referred to in the English-language media, “Conference on Jerusalem,” was created, according to its organizers, the Arab League, to “combat the Judaization of Jerusalem.”

“Why did Ken Insley, whose official conference listing named the US State Department as his place of employment, tell an already hate-filled audience that Americans’ willingness to turn a blind eye to Israel’s ‘shameful treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, and in Jerusalem’ is the cause of Arab enmity towards America, and that unless a Palestinian State is created ‘there will be Armageddon’,” asked Lori Lowenthal Marcus, NCJA executive committee chair. “Further, why did he suggest to them that they should understand ‘U.S. politicians care more about Israel than the foreign policy interests of their own country?’”

In addition to Insley, thirteen other conference attendees were from the United States and eight from the United Nations.  The United States is responsible for nearly a quarter of the UN’s budget.

“We want to know whether Insley, who cast Israel’s leadership as dangerous and responsible for the current impasse, and referred to some Israeli politicians as “pitiful” and “shameless,” was officially representing the US government in his effort to deliberately subvert the US-Israel relationship and if not,” asked Marcus, “when Insley’s financial relationship with the government of the United States will be irrevocably severed.”

Insley, who described himself as having for the past decade, “coordinated many international exchanges with State Department delegations,” even seemed to justify the epithet of racism against Jews when he told the crowd: “Perhaps it is understandable to be perceived as racist when you are considered by some in the world to be God’s own ‘chosen people’.”

Other speakers at the Doha conference included Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas who hammered away on the theme of Israel’s fabrication of Jewish ties to Jerusalem, as well as many others who decried the “Judaization of Jerusalem.”

NCJA is an umbrella organization of Jewish leaders across the United States and abroad.

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For additional information on the Doha Conference, see here (Levick was the first to find Insley’s prepared remarks and publicize them) and here (for an authoritative review of the origins of the conference, its goals and future action plans).



Mr. Kenneth Insley identified himself as a Consultant to the U.S. Department of State.

What was he doing at this clearly anti-Semitic, anti-Israel conference in Doha?  Is he on the State Department payroll?  Was he paid by the State Department to attend and speak at this conference? Did the State Department cover his travel expenses? Who directed him to attend this conference and give the speech he gave? His participation throughout the conference may indicate that he — and those he represented — endorsed — or at the very least did not speak out agains — the resulting Doha Declaration (see below) regarding Jerusalem.   

Read more about the conference:
Insley is listed on the list of participants.


“Doha Declaration on the International Conference for Defense of Jerusalem”


International Conference for the Defense of Jerusalem has praised the proposal of HH the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani calling for approaching the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on forming an international commission to investigate all the actions taken by Israel since the 1967 occupation in Arab Jerusalem, in order to erase its Islamic and Arabic identity. The Conference also welcomed HH the Emir’s call to prepare a comprehensive strategy for the various sectors and projects needed by the city of Jerusalem. This came in the “Doha Declaration” which was released this evening at the end of the International Conference for the Defense of Jerusalem, delivered by HE Assistant Foreign Minister for International Cooperation Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Jabor Al-Thani. The Declaration said : The International Conference for the Defence of Jerusalem was hosted by Doha, the capital of the State of Qatar from 26 to 27 February 2012 in implementation of the resolution No. 503 of the 22nd Arab summit held in Sirte on 28/3 / 2010. The Conference was held under the slogan “support the steadfastness of Jerusalem”, under the auspices and attendance of HH the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, in the presence of President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, Arab League Secretary General Dr. Nabil Al Arabi, Arab foreign ministers, heads of international and regional organizations and bodies, organizations and federations advocating human rights, clerics, as well as intellectuals, legal , political and history figures who gathered in a historic global mobilization to express solidarity with the Palestinian people in the city of Jerusalem and their legitimate rights. The Doha Declaration went on to say: Siding with Jerusalem and out of commitment to support its resilience and the stability of its people in addressing the Judaization of this eternal city; the city of intolerance, religious coexistence and the blending of cultures through time prior to the occupation.After an in-depth study of the city’s status quo and the enormous challenges facing its Arab identity and the Judaization threats including the forced displacement of people and continued and escalating measures in destructing Islamic and Christian sanctities and obscuring the city’s history and human heritage.Out of our commitment to legitimate resolutions, treaties and international conventions and out of adherence to the noble principles of the Charter of the United Nations regarding international law and international humanitarian law for the return of Jerusalem as a city of peace, security, freedom and justice, emphasizing it as the eternal capital of the State of Palestine. The Declaration pays tribute and homage to the Palestinian people in Jerusalem for their steadfastness in the face of Israeli violations of the city’s holy sites, history and heritage.It welcomes the invitation of HH the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani to use Jerusalem’s freedom as a fulcrum of all Palestinians and an incentive for achieving the reconciliation and ending the division.The Declaration appreciates and supports the proposal of HH the Emir to go to the Security Council to adopt a resolution for the formation of an international commission to investigate all Israeli actions taken since the 1967 occupation of Jerusalem with a view to erase its Arab and Islamic features. It also welcome HH the Emir’s invitation to prepare a comprehensive strategy for the various sectors and projects that Jerusalem needs, and Qatar’s willingness to participate with all its capacities in accomplishing this strategy and putting it into practice. It emphasizes that it breaches the international law and international humanitarian law to forcefully displace the people of Jerusalem through Judaization schemes, the denial of justice, obscuring history and heritage, land alienation and property confiscation. The Declaration calls on international powers who remain silent towards Israeli violations to assume their responsibility and compel Israel to implement all UN resolutions relevant to Jerusalem. The Doha Declaration calls on the UN and all its relevant institutions to shoulder their responsibilities towards Jerusalem and its people; to ensure that they enjoy all their civil, economic and social rights in their city; and to preserve the city’s sacred sites, historical monuments and human heritage. (MORE) The Doha Declaration calls on the Government of Switzerland, the depositary of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 to speed the call for the resumption of the Conference of High Contracting Parties to the Convention in pursue to implementing the resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations in this regard, in order to take the necessary measures to stop the Israeli violations and the protection of Jerusalem , its people and its holy sites. It expresses deep concern about the ongoing Israeli works including excavations and archaeological excavations in Al-Aqsa Mosque and around Old City, which seriously affect distinctive character of city at the religious, cultural, historical and demographic levels, and contradictory with the decisions of UNESCO and the UN resolutions related to the city’s territory and the rules of international law and especially the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property of 1954. The Declaration also urges the free world to defend the city of Jerusalem and to support its people and its holy sites as a humane obligation and a civilized duty, and as a right imposed by principles of international law, the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949, the Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict 1954, the Convention for the Protection of World Cultural and Historical Heritage 1972, the resolutions of international legitimacy on the status of Jerusalem as occupied territory and the relevant decisions of UNESCO. It also urges the Israeli authorities to stop unilateral policies and procedures for imposing a fait accompli on the ground in the city of Jerusalem, including the immediate cessation of all settlement activities, the removal of the apartheid wall in accordance with the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice, the preservation of Islamic and Christian sanctities, guarantee the free access, not to cause prejudice to the geographical, political and demographic status of the city for Judaization schemes. The Declaration calls on the UNESCO to safeguard the cultural heritage of the occupied city of Jerusalem on the basis of its resolutions on it, and to work on the application of the eighth paragraph of the decision of its Executive Board 35 m / 49 and resolution EX / 12 (185 EX / 14 and 185 EX / 52 amended), which calls for assigning one or more of recognized experts to be permanent and based in East Jerusalem to regularly report on all aspects related to the educational, cultural and population status of the city of Jerusalem. It praises the efforts of Jordan in its support of the endowments in the city of Jerusalem, and the role of HM King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein in support of Jerusalem and the protection of holy sites and the steadfastness of Jerusalem people , particularly the efforts made in the UNESCO to issue a unanimous verdict obliging Israel not to take unilateral action to change the features of Mughrabi Gate Road. Finally, the participants in the International Conference for the Defense of Jerusalem extended thanks the State of Qatar, its Emir, government and people, for the generous hosting of this conference, and providing all means of success as well as their efforts in support of the city of Jerusalem and its people for their steadfast stand against the Israeli occupation and the continued schemes for Judaizing the city.